Feeding Therapy


Our feeding program is designed to help children who have difficulties in the area of feeding. This may appear as a child who binges on only specific food items, struggles with transition between textures, and/or have a peaceful mealtime with a tantrum. We are here to help!!! At Chayah Pediatric Therapy, we take great pride in presenting our specialized feeding program. Our sessions are fun, interactive, messy and exploratory.  

Signs of Feeding and Swallowing Disorders

Your child may have a feeding or swallowing problem if she:

  • Arches her back or stiffens when feeding
  • Cries or fusses when feeding
  • Falls asleep when feeding
  • Has problems breast feeding
  • Has trouble breathing while eating and drinking
  • Refuses to eat or drink
  • Takes a long time to eat
  • Has problems chewing; has difficulty eating varying textures of food
  • Frequently chokes, gags, and coughs during meals 
  • Drools a lot or has liquid come out her mouth or nose
  • Spits up or throws up a lot
  • Is not gaining weight or growing

Causes of Feeding and Swallowing Disorders

There are many possible causes for feeding and swallowing problems, including:

  • nervous system disorders, like cerebral palsy or meningitis
  • reflux or other stomach problems
  • being premature or having a low birth weight
  • heart disease
  • cleft lip or palate
  • breathing problems, like asthma or other diseases
  • autism
  • head and neck problems
  • muscle weakness in the face and neck
  • medicines that make her sleepy or not hungry
  • sensory issues
  • behavior problems

IF YOUR THINK YOUR CHILD MAY BENEFIT FROM OUR PROGRAM, schedule a complementary consultation.


Our expert Feeding Therapy program at Chayah Pediatric Therapy are trained in and utilizes the BECKMAN ORAL MOTOR PROTOCOL. This intervention uses assisted movement and stretch reflexes to quantify response to pressure and movement, range, strength, variety and control of movement for the lips cheeks, jaw, tongue and soft palate. The Beckman Oral Motor Protocol is highly effective in addressing oral motor impairment and sensory aversions.  Parents will get opportunity to observe sessions and also participate in order to successful carryover therapeutic techniques in the home environment.  Our feeding program also places a large emphasis on parent education.

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