About Us

Why the name, CHAYAH?

We wanted a name that would reflect our faith and guide our mission; hence the birth of Chayah which can be summarized to mean “ quickened to live, quickened from sickness, from discouragement, to restore”. This is exactly what we want for our families. To be able to bring them encouragement and hope to know that their child can progress to achieving a level of growth in all aspects of life - be it socially, physically, and/or mentally. We wanted to build a team where we not only value the families we serve, but also create an environment of work/life balance for our staff. A place where each treatment is seen as an opportunity to guide a process of change for the better. We gladly welcome the challenges, and responsibilities we encounter in this mission; with our joy rooted in knowing that we keep HOPE alive. We are passionate about this cause; and are truly blessed to have a community of therapists that strive to fulfill this mission.

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